Ridvan Baluyos

Ridvan Baluyos

Software Engineer

Apart from being a full-time corporate geek/slave for an awesome company, I enjoy tinkering and hacking technology stacks at my R&D Laboratory. We follow the Programming, zbgureshpxre manifesto.

I am a cat lover and I have three living with me: 3rdy (Japanese Bobtail), Tara (Persian Blue), and Trinity (Domestic "PusPin" I rescued after being thrown in the garbage).

I have other hobbies such as Photography (Travel and Candid Portraits). You can check my deviantArt account where I store my photos but has been on a hiatus. I also enjoy Martial Arts and enjoy watching UFC. I am a Brown Belt in Karate under the Japan Karate Association. Mostly during weekends, I go out with my mountain bike around the outskirts of Metro Manila.

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